“Hwai’s” Nam Ji Hyun Accepted into Top College, Teacher Praises Effort

Actress Nam Ji Hyun has been accepted into the psychology program at Sogang University, one of Korea’s top colleges.

Nam Ji Hyun’s home room teacher from her high school in Incheon had only good things to say about the actress in an interview with TV Daily. The teacher said, “It is true that she has been accepted into the psychology major at Sogang University. She is a student who does well in everything she tries. All the students have faith in her, and other teachers comment that she is not like a typical actress.”

Nam Ji Hyun is known to be a good student and there was a time when she ranked first in her middle school. She was also one of the top five students in her high school.


Born in 1995, the young actress debuted in 2004 in the drama “Say You Love Me.” She recently appeared in the 2013 box-office thriller “Hwai.”