Actress Jeon Do Yeon Reveals She Was Asked to Audition for “Terminator Salvation”

Seems like top actresses have been hiding their audition calls from Hollywood!

Top actress Jeon Do Yeon recently revealed that she was asked to audition for the fourth “Terminator” movie titled “Terminator Salvation,” which was released back in 2009. During an interview with a media outlet, she was asked if there are any plans for her Hollywood debut. The actress surprised everyone with her answer, “Soon after winning the Best Actress award at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival, I received an audition call from ‘Terminator.'” In 2007, Jeon Do Yeon became the first Korean ever to receive a highly respected acting award at the world-renown festival for her performance in the movie “Secret Sunshine.” 

She continued, “It was not a casting offer, but just an audition call. However, because my language skills are not up to par, I did not even consider it. If I was to debut in Hollywood, I would like to act in a drama. There is also a linguistic barrier, so I did not like the idea of debuting as an action actress,” revealing why she decided to turn down the offer.

Jeon Do Yeon will be returning to the screen on December 11, when the movie “The Way Home” has its premiere. She will be playing an ordinary housewife, who gets mistaken for a drug dealer at an airport in Paris.