Kangta Plans a Comeback with a New Album After Six-Year Hiatus

Kangta, one of the members of first generation idol group H.O.T., announced his plans for a comeback with a new album.

On December 10, Kangta revealed on his Twitter, “I will be returning to the stage with a new song very soon~ Work mode start!!!” The singer also uploaded a photo of himself singing on stage expresseing his will and determination to return to the stage as a singer. 

In connection to Kangta’s plans, SM Entertainment revealed to a Korean entertainment news outlet, “He is working diligently on his new album. We made detailed plans for him to release a new album and make a comeback next year.”

The most recent album Kangta released was in March of 2008 which was titled “Eternity.” He was called for military duty in April of 2008, and since his discharge, Kangta has been actively appearing on various dramas and variety shows in Korea as well as China. 

Kang Ta