Han Hyo Joo’s Former Managers Admit to Blackmail Charges

On December 10, Han Hyo Joo‘s ex-manager, who previously threatened to expose her personal photos to the public, has admitted to his charges at his first hearing.

The first hearing was held on this day for three people who were responsible for attempting to blackmail Han Hyo Joo’s father, threatening to expose the actress’ personal photos if he didn’t pay them 400 million won (around $400,000).

The three defendants acknowledged their charges but stated, “However, the photos in question are meaningless and cannot be seen as a threat,” asking the court to change part of the charges.

The defendants also asked for a private trial for their protection but the request was not accepted.

Previously, Han Hyo Joo’s ex-manager went to her father, threatening to expose photos of her and her boyfriend if he didn’t pay up. Han Hyo Joo’s father proceeded to report the ex-manager along with his accomplices.

After investigations, Han Hyo Joo’s ex-manager was found to be plotting to extort Han Hyo Joo with her photos that he had on a digital camera.