Yoon Jong Shin and Buddy Lee Juck Reveals MV for “The Day Long Ago”

It’s been some time since a heart-tugging song and music video came our way in K-Pop.

On December 11, Yoon Jong Shin released the last single of his “Monthly Project 2013” series featuring friend Lee Juck. The track “The Day Long Ago” is a remake from his title track of the same name from his third album “The Natural.” It’s one of his most well-known songs.

Yoon Jong Shin already planned to release the track with Lee Juck a year before, and the recording finished this past autumn. Lee Juck chose the particular song for the collaboration, the arrangement, the instrumentation, and the singing.

Yoon Jong Shin admired his friend’s dedication. “I’ve never thought of someone else singing ‘The Day Long Ago’ besides me. However, Lee Juck did it. This ‘The Day Long Ago’ is his.”

Check out the music video below!