Ha Ji Won Reveals Funny Portrait of Herself and Ji Chang Wook from the Set of “Empress Ki”

Pictures of Ha Ji Won from the set of “Empress Ki” have been released.

She publicized the photos herself on her instagram account on December 10. The two photos show her taking a break from filming. The first picture shows her smiling and laughing in the role of the maiden Ki Seung Nyang, and covering up from the cold with a blanket. She is sitting next to a drawing which depicts the emperor Ta Hwan (played by Ji Chang Wook) standing behind Seung Nyang. The word “ugly” is written above Ta Hwan with an arrow pointing to him, and the word “tearful face” written next to Seung Nyang.

The second photo shows Ha Ji Won outdoors staring intently at her tablet while draped in a fur coat, bringing an interesting mixture of history and present to the photo. 

Ha Ji Won is currently playing the love interest of the emperor Ta Hwan of the Yuan Dynasty and Wang Yoo (played by Joo Jin Mo) of the Goryeo Dynasty on “Empress Ki,” which airs Mondays and Tuesdays on MBC.