Wonder Girl's Sohee Will Not Be Renewing Her Contract with JYP

JYP Entertainment has published a press release that revealed that Wonder Girl’s Sohee will not be renewing her contract with the agency once it expires on December 21 of this year. They cite the reasons for this split due to her desire to focus on acting. Meanwhile the same press release has stated that fellow Wonder Girl’s members Sunye, Yenny and Yubin have agreed to renew their contracts pending some minor detail clarifications.

We had previously reported in our JYP contract length article that the contract for the original Wonder Girl’s members will end in December of this year.  In what seems to be an attempt to put speculations about the future of the Wonder Girls to rest, JYP Entertainment posted a press release on December 11 to clarify what was happening with the contracts for the individual Wonder Girls members. 

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In this press release JYP Entertainment states that “The Wonder Girls members Sunye, Yenny and Yubin have in principle agreed to renew their contracts with the agency, and we are currently working out the finer details.” They have also mentioned that Sunye, Yenny and Sohee’s contracts expires in December 21 of this year while Yubin’s contract expires in September of next year. Hyelim’s contract however was not mentioned in the press release.

However in regards to Sohee, JYP Entertainment continued to state that “Sohee has decided that it’s time for some personal changes and has expressed a desire to focus on her acting in a new environment. After much discussion we have agreed to respect her wishes.”

In regards to the future of the Wonder Girls as a group, JYP Entertainment states that “We will be deciding on a specific time schedule and process for future Wonder Girl’s activities in accordance with each member’s individual activities.”

The agency concludes by thanking everyone for their continued support of the Wonder Girls. Currently there is no further details about where Sohee is headed to.

However in a statement made to news media outlet “enews24,” an agency official was reluctant to state that Sohee will be leaving the agency. They instead stated that “It hasn’t been fully confirmed as of yet. We are still currently working out the final details.” and that “We are not at a stage where we can state whether Sohee will be leaving or staying with the agency.” 

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