Clara, Lee Pil Mo and Choi Yeo Jin Join Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk’s Drama

The latest lineup for Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk’s upcoming drama “Emergency Man and Woman” (title pending) has been revealed.

On December 10, a drama producer shared that actors Lee Pil Mo, Choi Yeo Jin, and Clara have decided to participate in the drama.

“Emergency Man and Woman” is a 20-episode drama that depicts the lives of a divorced couple meeting again as interns working at the same hospital’s emergency room.

Lee Pil Mo takes on the role of the haggard and cool-headed chief of Emergency Medical and Health Services, and goes by Gook Cheon Su.

Choi Yeo Jin is a calm and collected assistant professor in the surgery department. Unlike her cold demeanor, Shim Ji Hye has a delicate heart as delicate as glass. She holds the scar of being placed as an assistant because of being a female, but her skills alone surpasses the qualifications of a professor.

Clara’s character Han Ah Reum graduated from medical school in the United States and is known for her beautiful face and sexiness. She’ll be an ambitious intern in the emergency room.