Shin Dong Yeop, Kim Won Hee, and Krystal to Host the 2013 SBS Entertainment Awards

Comedian Shin Dong Yeop, entertainer Kim Won Hee, and f(x)’s Krystal will be hosting the 2013 SBS Entertainment Awards this year on December 30 at the SBS Prism Center.

Shin Dong Yeop, who hosted various variety programs, and is in charge of summarizing the various programs at the SBS Entertainment Awards, really proved his popularity this year.

Kim Won Hee, also a star host for variety programs such as “Jagiya,” has been receiving a lot of support for her comfortable lead for programs and her witty comments.

And Krystal as well, in addition to her f(x) activities, has distinguished herself as an actor through her role in “The Heirs.”

Looking forward to seeing this trio at the SBS Entertainment Awards!