Director Kim Jo Kwang Soo’s Application for Same-Sex Marriage Rejected

Director Kim Jo Kwang Soo and Kim Seung Hwan‘s application for marriage registration has been rejected.

The two had previously held a public wedding ceremony on September 7, revealing at a press conference on December 10 (World Human Rights Day) that the couple planned to apply to register their marriage at the district office that day. They planned to submit their marriage registration application via registered mail to Seoul’s Seodaemun District Office following the press conference.

If the district office would not accept their application, Kim Jo Kwang Soo and Kim Seung Hwan stated that they would take legal action and file a court objection.

Director Kim Jo Kwang Soo revealed, “There is no clause in civil law or our constitution that prohibits same-sex marriages. To those that are saying our marriage is unconstitutional, there is no evidence that it is not. I think that it’s not right that the government has taken away the right for homosexuals to form a family unit.”

The Seodaemun District Office told the press that, “Kim Jo Kwang Soo and Kim Seung Hwan can apply for marriage registration but we will not accept the application. Kim Jo Kwang Soo and Kim Seung Hwan’s side said that they planned to send in their registration documents via registered mail. If and when the documents arrive via mail, we have decided internally to send out a rejection notice. Should there be any objections, they can file an objection in court and follow court procedure.”