Crayon Pop Receives the 2013 International Press Public Relations Award

Girl group Crayon Pop is the winner of this year’s International Press Public Relations Award thanks to their efforts of promoting Korea internationally.

Their agency Chrome Entertainment revealed on December 11 that the girls had attended an even titled “2013 Seoul International Press Club’s Year-End Party” on December 10, and that they had received the International Press Public Relations Award.

The award is given annually to an individual or a group that has promoted Korea on an international scale with a positive image, and the jury consists of foreign journalists residing in Seoul. The group also performed their hit song “Bar Bar Bar” and their latest Christmas track “Lonely Christmas” to lighten the atmosphere between talks about economy, politics, and society. 

The members commented, “We are glad to receive such a meaningful award, and we are especially thankful because it has been given by the foreign press. In the future as well, we will work hard to spread awareness of Korea.”

Congratulations to the girls!

crayon pop