Jang Jae In Greets Fans for First Time after Signing with New Agency Mystic89

Singer Jang Jae In recently updated her fans with a friendly greeting and a bright smile!

On December 11, she shared the photo below on her Twitter with the caption, “In the middle of filming ‘Christmas Wish‘ music video �de09 Mystic89‘s carol will be released in December, please show a lot of love -“

In the picture, the artist is looking fresh and fashionable while taking a break from filming. She is posing cutely with an adorable hand gesture and flashing a wide smile. What also catches the attention is her unusually large beret that turns the singer into a stylish fall lady, but it also hints that the music video will most likely be a visually interesting one.

Not too long ago, Jang Jae In joined the small but talented family of Mystic89, and the agency is now preparing a Christmas album titled “Mystic Holiday 2013.” The title track “Christmas Wish” will feature their female singers Park Ji Yoon, Lim Kim, Jang Jae In, and Puer Kim. The four artists have made the song a special one by personally writing the lyrics of their parts, making fans wonder how their collaboration will turn out.

“Christmas Wish” will be released on December 12.

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