“The Heirs” Kang Ha Neul Looks Dashing for Campus Ten, Reveals His Ideal Type & Diet Tips

Actor Kang Ha Neul, perhaps more familiar to many as Lee Hyo Shin on “The Heirs,” transformed into a sexy guy in the December issue of Campus Ten magazine. 

He pulled off the smoky eye make-up and displayed various facial expressions and poses earning him many praises from the staff on set of the photo shoot.

Kang Ha Neul was asked what kind of girl was his type aside from his character on the drama who has a crush on his tutor Jeon Hyun Joo (Lim Joo Eun) and is also forming a love line with Yoo Rachel (Kim Ji Won). He answered, “I’ve only been attracted to older women. My idea of a ideal woman is someone who loves her dreams more than men.”

He also spilled the beans about his past and how he used to weight 100kg in high school. He gave some tips about maintaining a healthy figure like an expert. He mentioned one way to decrease calorie intake is to eat negative calorie food. Negative calorie food refers to food that requires more food energy to digest than it provides. 

Kang Ha Neul said a character he really wants to play was the lead role in the musical “Hedwig.” He said, “I think the character gives me many things to study, and although it would be difficult, he is a deep character. I really want to play the role, but if I was offered the role right now, I don’t think I would take it. I want to play the role after I do more studying and after I become more mature.”

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