Sistar’s Bora Looks Adorable with Fake Moustache for “Snow Candy” Teaser Photo

Sistar’s Bora gave herself a fake mustache in a picture from the music video for Starship Planet‘s collaboration song, “Snow Candy.” The photo was shared through Starship Entertaiment’s official YouTube channel.

“Snow Candy” is a special holiday single by the artists of Starship Entertainment: Sistar, Boyfriend, and K.Will. The song will have an acoustic sound with a warm emotional tone for the melody. In this teaser photo, Bora is holding a special glass that has an imprint of a fancy mustache. As Bora hold the cup to her mouth, to give the illusion that she has a mustache, Bora offers a wink. 

Starship Planet also revealed behind the scenes photos of the artists filming the music video, and a special group teaser photo.

“Snow Candy” will be released on December 13.