“Daddy, Where Are You Going?” Yoon Hoo’s Surprisingly Large Salary

Daddy, Where Are You Going?Yoon Hoo has gain a broad platform of fans through his appearance on the MBC show “Daddy, Where Are You Going?” Yoon Hoo has once again proven his popularity among viewers through a surprising revealing of his six month salary: $100K, which is just from commercials.

When viewers envision Yoon Hoo, “muk-bang” is the first term that comes to mind. “Muk-bang” means a great eater. This image has helped launch his career in commercials. Not only is  Yoon Hoo’s image beneficial for him, this image has helped the companies he has been featured in.

On December 9, the MBC show “Good Day” has stated that companies which featured Yoon Hoo in their companies’ commercials has seen a 30% increase in sales. MC Kim Han Seok asked if the salary includes singer Yoon Min Soo (Yoon Hoo’s father). The other MCs has stated that Yoon Hoo’s salary does include his father. The MCs jokingly continued, “I bet his father would only allow Yoon Hoo to be featured in commercials, if he could be in it as well”.

Yoonho $100K