“The Heirs” Kang Ha Neul and Kim Ji Won Holding Hands, Possible Ending Spoiler?

Today is already the last day for the much hyped drama “The Heirs” and one of the actors posted a photo with a co-worker, which is making people guess whether their two characters will end up together.

On December 12, actress Kim Ji Won posted a photo with Kang Ha Neul on her SNS with the message, “Today was the last filming for Hyoshin and Rachel. Separating with ‘The Heirs.’ Are we an item from today? Hahahaha. If you’re curious, please watch the episode tonight! Also, to all the actors and staff members who are still at the filming site shooting, fighting!”

Who’s following the drama? Do you think they’ll end up together? Or will Choi Young Do change his mind and turn the oppa-dongseng relationship into a dating relationship?

the heirs kang ha neul kim ji won