YoonA Was Involved in a Car Accident in November

Not a lot of things fly under the radar when it comes to celebrity news, especially for popular stars like Girls Generation’s YoonA. However if an exclusive report by news media outlet DongA is to be believed, it appears that YoonA was involved in a light car accident in early November that is only now being revealed.

In an exclusive report released by news media outlet DongA, they have revealed that their sources have informed them that YoonA was involved in a light car accident in early November. They also reveal that it was entirely the fault of the opposing driver, who collided with the stationary vehicle that YoonA was riding in.

DongA states that they have confirmed these reports and that YoonA was on her way to a schedule when this light accident occurred. They also mention that her manager was driving the vehicle at the time. DongA also states that it wasn’t a big accident and that none of the passengers in either vehicles were severely hurt. 

YoonA is currently plying her trade on KBS’s new romantic comedy “Prime Minister And I” which entered into the fierce Monday-Tuesday ratings wars just this week. YoonA is also expected to be joining the rest of Girls Generation as they prepare for the “SMTown Week – Girls Generation” concert being held in Ilsan on December 22.