PSY Says He’s “Coming Soon” in Photo with Snoop Dogg

After the news of having picked his title song for his impending comeback, PSY has further excited fans with a new photo with Snoop Dogg.

On December 12, PSY tweeted, “COMING SOON” along with the photo of himself and Snoop Dogg.

PSY snoop dogg 121213

In the photo, PSY is sitting down with Snoop Dogg behind him. Both are peering curiously into the camera, making fans wonder what the photo really means.

The public is wondering if Snoop Dogg will be part of PSY’s upcoming new album. Snoop Dogg had previously performed his own version of PSY’s “Gangnam Style” in the past. Snoop Dogg has also worked with other K-Pop stars such as Girls’ Generation.

Meanwhile, PSY will be throwing a concert in Seoul from December 20 to December 24 titled “All Night Stand – Moonlight Gymnastics.”