YG Announces, PSY Is Finished Recording His New Song

According to officials at YG Entertainment, singer PSY has finished up recording for his new song, and is currently working on the music video. Particularly notable is that like his previous single “Gentleman,” PSY plans to continuously come out with several songs. PSY and YG are also currently discussing the music videos for these other songs, as well.

The pressure is on to fill his own shoes, as his previous worldwide hit “Gangnam Style” is still at the number one spot for all time greatest number of views with 1,800,000,000 views, and his newer “Gentleman” is in fifth place with 600,000,000 views.

Meanwhile, from December 21-25, PSY will be having a concert in Seoul with a total of five performances at the gymnastics gym in Olympic Park.

PSY’s pretty busy with his concert preparations, in addition to getting ready for his new song comeback and music video. With how things are going on, we might estimate PSY’s new song to be released sometime in January. The world will be watching how his new songs will do against his global sensation “Gangnam Style.” 

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