Comedian Jo Hye Ryun Finds Love Again After Recent Divorce

Media reports on December 11 have stated that comedian Jo Hye Ryun (43) is in a relationship with a man “A” who is two years younger than her. Before her screen comeback in November, she was introduced to “A” as she was flying back and forth from China. Jo Hye Ryun and “A” were meeting together with good intentions. Two months ago, they had made their relationship official.

Last April, Jo Hye Ryun was going through a hard time because of a divorce after 13 years of marriage. She put a halt to her appearances on T.V. shows and went to China. Through her personal life difficulties, Jo Hye Ryun needed a place to escape for her to become mentally strong again.

During her preparation for her screen comeback, “A” gave her encouragement and support which opened her closed heart to love again. Her company stated, “This is a delicate time period in Jo Hye Ryun’s life. Her heart is healing from the hurt she had received through a divorce. Please give her the support and encouragement for her decision to start a new relationship.”

Jo Hye Ryun is currently living with her daughter and son from her previous marriage. She is also actively on set for MBC show “Quiz that Change to World”, MBC Everyone Sitcom “Reckless Family Season 3”, and MBN show “Think Different”.

We wish you the best, Jo Hye Ryun!