Singer Jin Ho Hyun Releases Sorrowful MV for Nostalgic Single “Chickweed Tree”

Singer/songwriter Jin Ho Hyun has released a sorrowful MV for the emotional single “Chickweed Tree.” 

A chickweed is a flower that resembles a star, and it can be used to represent memories. Jin Ho Hyun uses the chickweed as a metaphor for the past memories that we have of our past loves. These are the same memories that make us sad and regretful that things did not work out better.

Jin Ho Hyun’s voice is filled with regret as he thinks about the good times he had with his past lover. In the video, we see a broken hearted women flipping through old polaroids and reminiscing about the good times.

The slow paced melody combined with the emotion filled voice of Jin Ho Hyun makes “Chickweed Tree” a tearful song. It seems as if Jin Ho Hyun is singing his pain out in the song.

jin ho hyun