Heechul Reveals that Lee Seung Gi Never Curses

Kim Hee Chul reveals that entertainer Lee Seung Gi never curses.

On the December 12 episode of JTBC‘s talk show “Talk War: The War of Potent Tongues,” the hosts were analyzing tvN‘s new variety show “Noonas Over Flowers. The show follows four female stars and Lee Seung Gi as they travel together.


After viewing some scenes of “Noonas Over Flowers,” host Kim Heechul commented that the women on the show are frustrating his friend Lee Seung Gi. He goes on to say that he felt sorry for his friend when he saw a clip of Lee Seung Gi cursing during the show. Heechul revealed that even in a private setting, Lee Seung Gi doesn’t curse. Even when Heechul tries to make Lee Seung Gi curse by saying “say a curse, say a curse,” Lee Seung Gi wouldn’t curse. Upon hearing this, host Kim Gu Ra asked, “What kind of behavior is that for a 20 something year old adult?” which made the audience laugh.