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Well the time has come, “The Heirs” has finished. If you want to cry, we’ll have a moment of silence for those going through early withdrawal symptoms. We didn’t get a terrible ending, not everyone got a happy ending, but it wasn’t too open that left me guessing. I don’t like being left guessing after an ending, it feels so unsatisfying. So what were some major moments and some of my favorite scenes from the final week? Let’s find out.

Won and Hyun Joo Break Up

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Can’t say I didn’t see this one coming, we had all the signs in what little screen time our Tan/Eun Sang mirrored couple had. Won wanted the company and sort of had hoped Hyun Joo would wait for him to settle things out, unfortunately fate can be cruel. She reads about his pending engagement to that one heiress (cameo by Wang Ji Won)  and uses her wish (she still had that wishbone?!) to break up. All Won can do is say sorry while she acknowledges although they were face to face, they were worlds apart. She leaves with a wave, “Bye oppa.” It’s really heartbreaking to see that Won wanting to have the company meant he couldn’t be with Hyun Joo, it kinda sucks. I feel like even if he wanted to give it all up for Hyun Joo, then who would defend the company against everyone else trying to take over? His crown was the company whether he truly wanted to have that or not. I just wish we’d gotten more into his relationship and that Hyun Joo would have been there with him. 

Young Do Finally Sees His Mother

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This was a major plot point with Young Do all series long. His mother (Choi Ji Na) left, though we’re still not even given an actual explanation as to why she left in the first place. I’ll just assume she couldn’t take Daddy Choi’s womanizing ways and she decided to leave. He goes back to the ddukbokki place and the owner gives him a business card left by a woman asking her to give it to Choi Young Do. The card is to a cafe named, of all things, Secret Garden and he goes by to see his mother. He doesn’t go in the first time, but comes back at a later date with the confidence to finally go inside. I am not going to lie, I cried buckets at this scene. She’s apologizing while also noting how tall and handsome he’s gotten. All he can say is ‘mom’ over again, kinda like he’s getting used to using the word once more. Kim Woo Bin’s performance is what’s really moving here. I’m crying just typing this out.

Hyo Shin’s Early Enlistment

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Remember that one time when Hyo Shin said he was planning something big? I thought that was long forgotten and thought him skipping out on his entrance exam was his big plan, apparently that wasn’t it. We find out when he tells Rachel that he’s enlisting early, she’s shocked since he’s still 19. He warns her not to say anything, but the day he leaves Tan comes running to see him off. Hyo Shin has left a note for his parents and jokes Tan acted quicker than his mom. I’m actually happy to see Hyo Shin really doing something for himself, it’s a shame he had to enlist early to get his point across. 

Eun Sang and Bo Na Love Hot Guys

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I thought this was so hilarious, it couldn’t be passed up. Hyo Shin tells the girls another school wants to use a few members for a joint project, and Bo Na agrees after hearing the name. Apparently there are hot guys at the school, and Eun Sang seems to like the idea. They meet the guys at Eun Sang’s job, and the boys are fawning over how pretty they are. Eun Sang says she and Bo Na are the prettiest, and one asks if she has a boyfriend when we hear Tan say ‘honey.’ The guys decide to leave, promising to contact them later for the project but Chan Young tells them not to. Next thing we know, we get a four-way bickering match between all of them. It’s a pretty funny scene. 

Chan Young and Bo Na Get a Kiss!

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When I first read about this scene, I couldn’t believe it. They were the most consistent couple on the show, but hadn’t gotten a kiss scene yet (not counting the kiss on the cheek). It was a peck, but it was something (plus it was Krystal’s first on screen kiss)! Chan Young, Bo Na, and Ye Sol are playing a game, and Chan Young picks out 18 in which they take turns putting down cards that you do at 18 (I guess?). Bo Na loses and her punishment is to give Chan Young a kiss, he turns and she kisses him on the lips instead. Ye Sol is grossed out and her wish is for them to break up. Haha!

Ki Ae and Hee Nam Are Real BBFS

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These two had a very interesting relationship, but despite how mean Ki Ae was, Hee Nam was always there for her. After seeing Eun Sang and Tan on his birthday, Ki Ae asks about her mom. They hug when they meet up the next day and Ki Ae scolds her for not contacting her sooner, even upset at the 3 lines on the goodbye letter she left. I love how petty Ki Ae can be, but you can tell this friendship is genuine and that’s what she needs. I have always loved these two. 

Tan and Eun Sang Get Their Happy Ending

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This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone since this was about their relationship, but considering Tan’s mental breakdown last week I felt I had to mention it. They become “exclusive” at his party, Daddy Kim reluctantly gives his “support.” If you want to call it that, they take it as a good sign so I guess it was. Ki Ae has supported them longer than anyone, and Hee Nam gave her blessing, though she was hesitant at first. They also have Won’s full support, he sees how happy they are together. We end with them walking in the snow. Aww romantic. 

Won and Tan Become Brothers

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I know, they were already brothers, but that was only by their father’s blood. We saw the pushing of their relationship, more from Won’s side (I have my great theories that I am sticking to regarding this) and we finally see them become actual family. It really took all of this for them to get closer? Guess so. In their father’s state, Tan makes Won his legal guardian to keep Ji Sook from touching his shares. I guess Won aiding in Tan and Eun Sang getting back together truly showed him his hyung wasn’t bad at all. Won asked Tan to stay by his side in the company saying it would be less lonely with him there. Awww Wonny and Tanny finally became real family.

So who’s prediction was closest from last week’s question? Here is Min Young Park‘s guess: “My predictions for the final episodes : Tan and Won will become like real brothers: Won will show more his affection to Tan, Won will marry Hyun Joo, Tan and Young Do will make up, Young Do will be friend with Eun Sang at the end, Tan and Eun Sang will be together happy forever, Eun Sang will make up with his sister, Yoon and Esther will marry, Yoo Rae and Lee Hyo Shin will end together. Tan’s mother will finally be happy and free, she will be real friend with Eun Sang’s mother. Eun Sang’s mother will find a job. The heir of Jeguk empire will be Won. I hope it will be a happy ending for everyone. I hope Young Do will find his soul mate too. “

My final question to you is: What were your favorite Heirs moments/characters?

Well that’s it. 20 episodes and 10 weeks of angst, teenage romance, revenge, and finally peace for most of our characters has come.  It was a nice ride, thank you all for reading and following the drama with me. Hope you were all satisfied. Thanks again to reading!

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