Taecyeon Did Everything He Could to Be Assigned Active-Duty Soldier, Not Public Service Worker

2PM’s Taecyeon was delighted to hear on December 12 after his enlistment physical exam that he was assigned to be an active-duty soldier.

Last 2008, because of a disk in his back, he had been given an assignment as public service worker. Taecyeon had said, “If one is Korean man, I believe it’s a definite thing that he properly serve in the military.” Following some disk correction surgeries, he finally requested physical examination, and ultimately was assigned to active-duty.

This comes as somewhat of a shock, in an entertainment industry that has come up with continued cases of celebrities trying to evade active service. Most other celebrities or athletes who were assigned to public service worker happily go with it, but Taecyeon was different. His road to active-duty has been tough, but he has kept at it. In order to serve, Taecyeon actually gave up in advance his stateside permanent residence three years ago in 2010. Moreover, because of his disk problems, he received two correction surgeries even in the middle of his busy 2PM and acting activities. In 2013, he ran into another obstacle, breaking his arm in Japan, but he has recovered. It wasn’t too long ago that he got the metal pins for his fracture removed. 

Taecyeon debuted with 2PM in 2008, and is currently attending Korea University’s graduate school.