Famous Female Celebrities and Top Agency CEO Under Investigation for Prostitution Ring Involvement

Officer Kim Hwae Jae of Ansan Branch of Suwon District Public Prosecutor’s Office reported that a female celebrity prostitution ring scandal involving at least ten female celebrities is currently being investigated thanks to a lead from broker A.

The investigation began early this year while in the middle of working on a separate case that required investigating a particular mid-size corporation. While looking through the financial reports of that company, the police found that broker A’s name was often included in regards to suspicious huge transactions. This individual, who also has an English name, has a large network within the entertainment business working with influential figures and even a top agency CEO.

While investigating broker A, the police found money laundering notes and female celebrity names included in his notebook. The police branched into another investigation regarding the possibility of female actresses being involved in a prostitution ring with “sponsors” including venture capitalists and company executives.

As reports are coming in, ten female celebrity names are being circulated on various social networks under the topic “Messenger X-File.” Some of the suspects include actress B who is known for her poised image, actress C who made her debut through a beauty pageant, and celebrity D from a girl group that’s currently split up. It’s been reported that one of these three received 100,000,000 won (about 100,000 USD) for sexual services. (It seems that the letters used aren’t related to the first and last names, but is used in alphabetical order of the people listed in the articles.)

A big hurdle in the case is there’s no hard evidence besides the list of female celebrities, sponsors, and the transaction amount. The police sought an arrest warrant for broker A this past August, but the request was dismissed due to the lack of sufficient evidence.

Several entertainment agencies have already received summons from the police for questioning, but there were no developments due to the lack of evidence.

One agency representative made a statement after verifying that one of the celebrity names from the same agency is included in the “Messenger X-File.” The person stated, “It’s difficult to say that the person whose name is currently being circulated on the ‘Messenger X-File’ is not part of the scandal. But, we’ll find who started this and will find a way to recover the celebrity’s name.”

Female celebrities who are used for sexual favors either get paid in large sums over 100,000,000 won (about 100,000 USD) or gets secured a spot on television as an advertisement model or an acting role. The late Jang Ja Yeon is a rookie actress (“Boys Over Flowers”) who committed suicide in 2009. Rumors quickly circulated that the cause of her death was due to depression caused by the sexual and physical abuse by a number of prominent entertainment executives. Her case is still being investigated.

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