Jang Yoon Jung Files Lawsuit against Mother and Anti Blogger

Despite recently announcing her pregnancy, trot singer Jang Yoon Jung’s legal battle continues to escalate as it has been revealed that the singer had filed charges against her mother and anti blogger “One Sack of Beans.”

In a phone call with Asia Economy Magazine on December 13, a representative of Seoul’s police station stated, “Today afternoon, Jang Yoon Jung’s agency’s president Hong Ik Sun filed documents charging blogger ‘One Sack of Beans,’ and Jang Yoon Jung’s mother, Mrs. Yeok, with charges of defamation against the singer. As we have received the files of complaint this afternoon, we will start the investigation next week, starting by investigating IP addresses.”

In response to the filed complaints, Inwoo Entertainment commented, “We also filed charges against the two people who continued to write hateful comments under Jang Yoon Jung’s news articles. In addition to the current charges, we also plan to charge one of the people writing viscous comments with charges of spreading false truth. We can’t just stay still against these hateful messages.”

In the past, Inwoo Entertainment had filed lawsuits against “One Sack of Beans” in relations to Jang Yoon Jung’s anti blog.

Currently, Jang Yoon Jung’s mother, Mrs. Yeok, is raising headlines for writing a curse filled letter to her daughter, and posting it on the singer’s anti blog.