EXCITE Warms Up the Holiday Season with New Music Video for “Comeback to Me”

Five member group EXCITE have released a music video for recently released song “Comeback to Me,” that shows just how much the members have invested in to their new album.

Having debuted in October of 2012, the rookie group continues to gain fans through their sincerity. Released on December 13, the music video for “Comeback to Me” uses a different approach than a staged background or studio. Instead, the music video follows EXCITE’s journey from practicing the choreography for their comeback to giving free hugs to the public.

The clear and genuine hearts of the five member group conveys their love for their fans, as the music video is the perfect gift during the holiday season. EXCITE consists of members Tae. G, Seung Wook, Shi Hyuk, Min Hoo, and Beat; you can meet the five talented members this winter through their recently released song, “Comeback to Me.”

Check out the music video below!