J-Walk Gives Photo Update on Sunmi’s Status

Vocal duo J-Walk posted photos of other singers supporting the group’s new album. Among the photos, however, Sunmi’s photo caught the attention of fans.

On December 10, J-Walk’s Kim Jae Duk posted on his Twitter, “Juniors supporting J-Walk. Thank you to Noel, Kara, Sunmi, and Wassup.” Attached to the message was a photo collage of different singers showing their support.


However, Sunmi’s photo stood out because of her appearance during her break from her solo activities. After wrapping up her activities for “24 Hours” back in September, fans have been curious about the singer’s condition.

The photo with J-Walk shows that although Sunmi has maintained her pink hair, the longer and curly waves seem to convey how well the singer is resting up before her future comeback.

J-Walk recently released their new album, “Love… Painfully,” on December 12.