Lee Jong Hyuk Gets Caught Looking Up Nine Muses on “Dad, Where Are We Going?”

Actor Lee Jong Hyuk was recently caught looking up Nine Muses on the internet while in New Zealand with the rest of the cast and crew of “Dad, Where Are We Going?” causing people to question what sort of ties they have to each other at all, if any. 

On the latest episode of MBC’s “Dad, Where Are We Going?” that aired on December 15, the dads and kids went off to explore the rest of New Zealand in a camping car. 

After an exciting day at the amusement park, the group headed home to fix some supper. It was while Kim Sung Joo and Sung Dong Il were grilling the meat when the camera followed Lee Jong Hyuk, who was sitting at the computer and looking something up. Upon seeing this, Kim Sung Joo joked, “Why are you looking up Nine Muses right now? What kind of relationship do you guys have?”

Slightly embarrassed, Lee Jong Hyuk replied, “It’s a little difficult for me to explain” causing everyone to laugh. In his browser window, it appeared as though Lee Jong Hyuk had looked up Nine Muses member Kyungri in the search bar. Seems like a harmless celebrity crush! 


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