Park Jung Ah Transforms into a Bride Covered In Expensive Diamonds

On December 13, former girl group Jewelry member Park Jung Ah tweeted a photo with the caption, “It’s been a long time since I last participated in a shoot. It feels like a dream, filming with a bouquet and diamonds upon diamonds in a single headband that totaled over 400 million Won. The diamonds on my body are worth 900 million. Kya. Be sure to keep an eye out for what this shoot will be for!” 

In the photo, Park Jung Ah can be seen covered from head to toe in diamonds. Netizens commented, “I wish I could get married too,” “I wonder what Park Jung Ah has been up to these days?” and “Wow, she looks stunning.” 

In related news, Park Jung Ah is scheduled to make a cameo appearance in SBS drama “Man from the Stars.”