Singer Baek Ji Woong Releases MV for Ballad “I Miss You,” Features UN’s Choi Jung Won

Singer Baek Ji Woong has released the music video for his debut love ballad “I Miss You.” Actor Choi Jung Wong from the music duo UN plays the main character in the MV.

In the MV, actor Choi Jung Won plays the role of a wedding dress maker. The concept for the MV is based on the title of the song, which is actually a pun. In the Korean language, the word for “miss” is the same word for “draw.” So every time Baek Ji Woong sings “I miss you,” he is also saying “I’m drawing you.”

The emotional ballad “I Miss You” was written by Park Jeong Wook and was composed by Won Tae Yeon. The track contains the sad emotions of a man who misses a loved one.

Singer Baek Ji Woong gained fame with his handsome look and great vocals when he appeared on the audition program “K-Pop Star Season 1.” His debut mini album “I Miss You” was released on December 13 and contains four tracks.