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This week on “We Got Married,” Jung Yoo Mi force feeds Jung Joon Young goya, Taemin gives Son Na Eun a bright and colorful surprise, and Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon read off their vows in a wedding ceremony they won’t ever be able to forget. 

This is also the 200th episode of “We Got Married!” 

A Wedding to Remember – This is your Soompi WGM Recap!

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Last week Jung Joon Young and Jung Yoo Mi went on what was supposed to be a romantic trip to Okinawa, but romance doesn’t come to this couple easily, or at all. Yoo Mi drags Joon Young to a very romantic chapel in front of a beach, and even though all she wants is to pretend walk down the aisle, Joon Young must add a screamo death metal accompaniment as they do so. That’s where we left off. 

Yoo Mi manages to get Joon Young to calm down, and decides that this is the perfect place for them to grow closer as a couple. With this church setting, Yoo Mi starts sharing some of her past “sins,” which include sticking gum into a classmates hair and being tempted to go on a blind dates. Joon Young is, for the most part, pretty forgiving. When it’s his turns, he asks for forgiveness for three things: 1. Making her face look bigger because of his small face; 2. Making her body look bigger with his thin frame; and 3….wait a minute, I don’t think they ever got a third one. Whatever it was, it should have been “Forgive me for being the most difficult yet funniest husband on this show.” 

Before they leave the chapel, Joon Young asks for a request: he wants to reenact a scene from one of his favorite music videos, Guns N’ Roses’ “November Rain.”  It’s the scene where the guitarist Slash walks outs of a chapel and has a dramatic guitar solo. He tells Yoo Mi to pretend that he’s leaving her at the altar, to improve the dramatics, which she does, and even ad-libs that he shouldn’t leave her when she has his baby inside of her. 

The end result is not as epic as “November Rain,” even with his wig, but later on Yoo Mi admits that when she’s with him she forgets all about image and just has a lot of fun.

we got married

The two then go to a special goya farm and restaurant. Goya is a very healthy vegetable that Okinawa is famous for. I actually lived in Okinawa for about two months awhile back, and I can tell you that goya tastes like a vegetable. It wasn’t my favorite, but it wasn’t awful. They pick out a goya, and Joon Young decides to dramatically take a bite. I don’t know what he was expecting, but his facial expression says that he does not like it at all. Yoo Mi chastises him and tells him that they’re not supposed to eat it raw like that. Plus, the owner is watching so he should be polite and put on his best poker face. He has trouble with that poker face later, when they eat and everything is made from goya.

Then they find some strange and snakelike cucumbers. Joon Young reveals that he is a a snake in the Chinese zodiac. Yoo Mi grows concerned because she’s a rat, and don’t snakes eat rats? Suddenly, their whole relationship makes sense to her.

we got married

They end their trip with a lovely dinner in front of some beautiful Okinawa scenery. Yoo Mi thinks that she can “ca-caw” like a crow, and does a pretty impressive imitation. Joon Young is a little late with the praises, but he obediently gives her applause. During the dinner they talk about the trip and how they grew closer. Joon Young gives the trip two stars out of five, and when Yoo Mi gets insulted, he explains that the two stars are only because of her. Eating goya and running in the sand would have earned the trip zero stars. 

Yoo Mi brings up the dreaded “M” word: marathon. There’s a marathon in Seoul on December 17, and she signed them up. Joon Young has to do it, but he makes her promise that until then, she must never talk about it or even exercise. She agrees, knowing that regardless, she won in the end.

At the end of the trip, they do a montage, and have them say that they felt like they grew closer as a couple because of the trip, but you can tell Joon Young is definitely reading off something. I hope WGM isn’t going to try to convince us that they are actually a romantic couple. It would be a waste of effort. Let them stay as they are with this funny Tom and Jerry like relationship. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

we got married

Now that Taemin and Son Na Eun are married to each other, they must start doing married couple responsibilities: like paying for bills. This kids have never done anything like that before, so they have no idea what to do. They decide that they should do the right thing, and open up a joint bank account.

I found it kind of ridiculous, since a bank account is a real thing and their marriage is not. Producers, are you running out of ideas? Did we really have to spend ten minutes watching these two open up a bank account?

The good thing to come out of this is that Taemin did prove himself to be a little more mature than Na Eun. She clearly had no idea what was going on, but Taemin knew enough to throw a few terms around like “retirement” and “funds.” He also revealed that he thinks adoption is a good idea, and that he would like to do that in the future. That’s really great because there is this social stigma about adopting in Korea, which needs to go. 

we got married

And that’s it for their date. Ha, or course not. Taemin takes Na Eun to an amusement park, and instead of going on ride, they go on a safari ride. It’s pretty cool because you can actually feed the white tigers and lions. It’s a little sad that the beautiful creatures have pretty much turned into pets that beg for food, but we don’t have to delve into that. Did you also know that this safari also has a liger (lion plus tiger)? 

we got married

The safari isn’t the only reason why he took Na Eun to the amusement park. He closes her eyes (“Please don’t pull out my eyelash extensions!”) and takes her to a brightly lit Christmas wonderland. I really do think it’s that place SHINee went to last year while they were promoting “Sherlock.” Na Eun is taken aback and she likes it, but since she doesn’t have a lot of experience, she doesn’t know to make exaggerated expressions of surprise. Taemin later wonders if she liked it at all.

Which reminds me, this is the 200th episode of “We Got Married.” The MCs promised a special episode, but so far I haven’t been impressed. Even with this big reveal, it feels sort of flat. Perhaps it’s because they’re cold, but both Taemin and Na Eun lack their usual energy. 

They end their dinner with a fireworks show for their dinner. The first snow falls on them on, which must mean good luck for this couple. Na Eun tells Tamin that he seems more mature, but Taemin reveals that he was just acting like he knew what he was doing during their meeting at the bank. 

But, this is it? It seems that that they will go skiing for the next episode, and hopefully it will be more energetic and entertaining than this one.

we got married

After their engagement, Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon are getting fake married in Jeju Island. They picked a lovely spot in Jeju, which looks like the resort from the drama “Secret Garden.”

The first thing they do is pick out the photos to be displayed. That must have been hard because they were so photogenic I doubt there was one bad picture.  

Everything is set up to look like a real wedding, except that no one else is invited. It’s just going to be them two throughout the entire ceremony. This is going to be interesting? Plus, the weather is not looking favorable. Will it remain sunny or do those dark clouds foretell stormy weather?

we got married

For the wedding ceremony, they walk down the aisle on their own. Yoon Han is kept busy as he plays the groom, the MC, and the officiator. We also find out that Yoon Han’s full name is Jeon Yoon Han. I honestly thought his last name was Yoon. Now I know.

They read off their vows and promise to support each other in bad times and be  each other’s best friend. Lee So Yeon even includes a handwritten letter she has prepared. It’s all lovely, and the vows are sweet, but it’s getting a little windy and Yoon Han is sniffling. Uh oh, looks like the weather might not be on their side.

we got married

After being the groom, the MC, and the officiator, Yoon Han has one more role as the performer. He prepared a song that he wrote about them, called “Our First Meeting.” He sings about seeing her in her white dress and the rest string for the first time, and it would all be very romantic and sweet if they didn’t look so miserable. They’re both trying very hard to hide it, but they are cold. Lee So Yeon has goosebumps and a very stiff smile. Yoon Han’s nose is red and his voice is husky. They’re trying to salvage this wedding as best as they can, but then a huge gust of wind blows up Lee So Yeon’s veil. She laughs good naturedly, and then it starts hailing. Hailing! 

Yoon Han finishes the song, and then, now with an umbrella, reads a letter So Yeon’s younger sister had written for them. So Yeon looks like she wants to cry, but I can’t tell if it’s because of the letter or because she can’t wait to get out of his cold weather. Finally, they end their wedding with a kiss? Finally? We have been waiting for this so long! It’s the perfect occasion, right? 

Except that they are cold and look a little grumpy. Yoon Han leans in, and for a split second he looks like he’s going in for the lips, but it turns into a cheek kiss. How disappointing. What I can’t tell, however, is if he did it intentionally or if she turns her face last second. Hm, what do you think?

we got married

Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon dress in warmer clothes and find shelter for their dinner. Now that they’re out of the rain and the wind, they look much more cheery. So Yeon says that she will never be able to forget this day. Everything was so lovely, but the strange weather made it memorable. They drink some kind of special Korean vitamin drink to ward off any sickness they might get from being out in the cold so long, and Yoon Han sings for So Yeon their song again. Now that So Yeon isn’t distracted by the weather, she can actually listen to the words of the song. He even gets her to sing a little bit with him. 

It all ends very sweetly, but it’s very lack luster. This is your 200th episode WGM producers! I’m a disappointed. It felt like a normal episode, and actually, let’s admit it: we’ve had better episodes. I hope the producers step up with the next episode.

That’s all for this recap! (This recap was late because Noona was a guest at a real wedding) What did you think about this 200th episode? Leave a comment below and as always, talk to Noona! Follow her on Twitter  or ask her a question

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