Kim Rae Won to Join Lee Min Ho in “Gangnam Blues”?

After it was confirmed that actor Lee Min Ho accepted the lead role in film, “Gangnam Blues” a couple days ago, the next actor in talks to join the cast has been revealed to be Kim Rae Won

Kim Rae Won’s agency HB Entertainment representatives told OSEN on December 16 over a phone interview, “We are currently working out the details of Kim Rae Won possibly taking part in ‘Gangnam Blues.’Since we’re just trying to coordinate everything, there’s nothing more we can really tell you at this point.” 

The action-noir film “Gangnam Blues” was written by “A Dirty Carnival” director Yoo Ha and is set in the 1970’s during the redevelopment of what is currently known today as Gangnam district. The film will center on the power struggle between political forces and gangsters that seek to lay a claim on the influential and valuable real state property. 

The filming for “Gangnam Blues” is schedule to take place sometime in March of 2014 and released later that year.