Kebee Returns after 4 Years with Music Video Teaser for Lyrically Powerful “Cliff Flower”

Prepare to have your soul touched though the lyrics of Kebee’s new song, “Cliff Flower.” As a member of Eluphant, Kebee showcases his ability to digest the fast paced lyrics through his new song.

Making a comeback after four years, the rapper prepares to release his solo album that details the emotions and perspectives of the artist. The first song to be released, “Cliff Flower,” describes the struggles of life, as well as the rapper’s recovery from psychological isolation.

The new album, “Lost & Found,” presents a mix of different musical styles as Kebee’s preparation for the album consisted of working with different producers to create an album highlighting the rapper’s perspectives and skills.

“Lost & Found” portrays Kebee’s life growth through his hip hop album. The new solo album was released on December 13, and fans can expect to enjoy the music video through this full release in the future.

Check out the music video teaser below!