“Newlywed” Ailee Rides A Traditional Korean Palanquin for “Amazing Marriage”

Singer Ailee recently rode in a traditional Korean palanquin as a bride on her way to her in-law’s home. 

Stills from the recent filming session that took place for JTBC’s variety show, “Amazing Marriage” were released, showing the sexy diva dressed in a traditional Korean wedding dress as part of her new role as daughter-in-law. For the filming, Ailee traveled some miles outside of Seoul and followed windy roads to the filming site, where she slipped into her traditional wedding dress and climbed into a palanquin.

As a third-generation Korean-American hailing from New Jersey, Ailee will experience a part of her Korean culture by getting a taste of what married life would be like through the variety show, “Amazing Marriage.” 

The episode is scheduled to air on December 18 at 11pm. 

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