Fresh Boyz Release 19+ Music Video for “Koala”

The boys of hip hop trio Fresh Boyz are back, armed with a hot new single and music video “Koala” to chase away the winter cold.

Made up of Ceejay, Kwon Sajang and Nolbo, Fresh Boyz debuted in 2009, releasing their first mini-album “Fresh Everyday” in June 2010. Fresh Boyz, now signed to ENT102, DJ DOC Kim Chang Ryul’s label, they’ve featured on Lee Hyori’s “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,” Yang Dong Geun’s “Raise a Dog” and Eun Ji Won’s “Out of Control.” “Koala” is Fresh Boyz follow-up single to “King Kong Shower” featuring G.NA, released in August 2012, and “Rah Bang Three Run,” released this August.

The music video for “Koala” reminds one of a fashion shoot or runway show, and has a 19+ rating for exposure, featuring model Huh Kkot Bun Hong dancing and posing in lingerie and sexy outfits throughout the video. There’s some underboob exposure thrown in for good measure. The rookie model first appeared on “Korea’s Next Top Model“, and she gives it her best shot here, swaying to the song’s addictive melody.

“Koala” gets you grooving as soon as the beat kicks in, a fusion of talented producer Jayrockin’s polished sound, and Fresh Boyz’ straight-talking lyrics. The song deals with love and separation, and sure to bring some freshness to genre.

Check out Fresh Boyz music video for “Koala” below. Please note that it contains some exposure.

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