Say Goodbye to Season One of “Daddy, Where Are We Going?” As Last Filming Concludes

We must all bid our farewells to the lovable children and their fathers of the MBC variety show, “Daddy Where Are We Going?”

A representative of the show revealed to My Daily, “The ‘Daddy Where Are We Going?’ team went on their last trip together on the 14th and 15th.”

The fathers of the variety show, consisting of actors Sung Dong Il, Lee Jong Hyuk, television host Kim Sung Joo, singer Yoon Min Soo, and soccer commentator Song Jong Kook, portrayed their relationships with their children through various group trips. Many of the fathers experienced adventures with their children for the first time without their wives. Yet, despite the initial struggles, the show clinched the love of viewers through the heart warming relationships between father and children.

Having broadcasted its first episode back in January of 2013, the variety show concludes its first season after one year of broadcast. The children, Sung Joon, Lee Jun Su, Kim Min Gook, Yoon Hoo, and Song Jia rose to popularity as they captured the hearts of viewers.

Recently, “Daddy Where Are We Going?” broadcasted the group’s trip to New Zealand. The farewells between the season one cast will be hard to watch, but many can expect a new atmosphere with the introduction of season two’s cast.

We were delighted to meet such wonderful children and their fathers in the year 2013, and we hope to meet more wonderful children through season two in 2014!