Park Bom Jokes About Being Unhappy With Album Photo for New Unit With Lee Hi

On December 17, Park Bom posted on her Twitter along with the album photo, “There are so many pretty photos… why didn’t they photoshop for me, too? They left me out. Anyone who sees this would think that I have a large face. Future marketing team members…” 

She later posted that she was just kidding, and “BOM&HI forever!”

BOM&HI is a new unit by YG Entertainment. For their first single, they did a remake of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” and anticipation is high for what kind of harmony will come of these two unique vocal timbres.

Starting on December 17, the song will be pre-released through Samsung Music for three days, and will become available on December 20 on online music sites.