Han Sun Hwa Only Has Eyes for “Reply 1994″s Jung Woo

Secret‘s Han Sun Hwa has joined the countless fans in adoration for the “Reply 1994” actor, Jung Woo!

On December 16, Han Sun Hwa was a guest on the “Jo Jung Chi and Hareem’s 2 o’Clock” radio show. As she was talking about Secret’s album, Han Sun Hwa revealed, “I want to see the first snow with ‘Reply 1994’s Jung Woo.”

She continued, “These days, only Jung Woo comes into my eyes,” proving that she is a die-hard fan.

“Reply 1994” is currently one of the most hottest dramas of the moment and the leading man, Jung Woo is seeing his popularity boom for his “Trash Oppa” character, which has captivated fans’ hearts everywhere! Despite having debuted more than ten years ago, Jung Woo is seeing new heights to his fame.

Meanwhile, Secret has recently made a winter comeback with a cute love song, “I Do I Do.” The Secret members thanked their fans for showing love and sending gifts by snapping a lovely photo.