B.A.P Wins Three Awards at Europe’s 4th “So-Loved Awards”

According to agency TS Entertainment, six-member idol group B.A.P, with votes accumulating over 150,000, won three awards at Europe’s K-Pop awards ceremony, the 4th “So-Loved Awards.

The awards were held on December 17, and on that day, B.A.P won the awards for “Best Male Group,” “Best Music Video,” for their song “One Shot,” and “Best Male Choreography.” With these three awards, they walked away with the most of the night, having received over 150,000 votes over the course of two weeks. 

The “So-Loved Awards” is Europe’s first K-Pop awards ceremony, and was started in order to recognize the trends of K-Pop among the growing European fan base. Moreover, as the awards are decided through votes made only by fans in Europe, it is a direct representation of artists’ popularity in the region.

B.A.P just recently wrapped up their Japan tour, “Warrior Begins,” and is currently preparing for activities in Korea.