Crayon Pop’s Ellin Introduces Chrome Entertainment’s New Boy Band K-Much

On December 16, Chrome Entertainment uploaded a video clip on Youtube that has Crayon Pop‘s Ellin introducing the agency’s newest boy band, K-Much!

After saying their hellos, Ellin makes the boys of K-Much (also known as Snakehead) introduce themselves.

First up is Ato, the group’s maknae. Next is G-low, who is the group’s rapper. Next is Rocky (or Loki), who is in charge of the charisma. Next comes Q, who is the main vocal. Q also cutely refers himself as a “dinosaur-type” face, which is currently the trend (especially with Kim Woo Bin). Last but not least comes Bonus, who is in charge of smiles. (Note: Name spellings may not be accurate)

Ellin then continues to say that K-Much will have a more serious tone compared to Crayon Pop’s cutesy and humorous concepts.

Check out the video below and stay tuned for more information on K-Much!