YoonA and the Kids on “Prime Minister and I”

YoonA pretends to be a horse and gives child actor Lee Do Hyun a ride on “Prime Minister and I,” marking the start of her project as mother to the Prime Minister’s three children.

New stills for KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Prime Minister and I” released on December 17 show Lee Do Hyun on YoonA’s back. This scene also appeared in the preview for today’s episode of “Prime Minister and I.”

“Prime Minister and I” is a romantic fantasy, depicting the romance between an obstinate Prime Minister and a scandal reporter in her 20s who desperately wants to get married. The first three episodes that aired comically followed how a third-rate reporter Nam Da Jung (YoonA) and Korea’s youngest president Kwon Yul (Lee Bum Soo) met and the circumstances that led to their marriage.

Desperate to get married in front of her father, Nam Yoo Sik (Lee Han Wi), who has been given six months to live, Da Jung, not having thought through it carefully, proposes a marriage with the Prime Minister. Along with the marriage, comes the prospect of becoming the mother to the Prime Minister’s three kids, Woori, Nara and Manse (played by Choi Soo Han, Jeon Min Seo and Lee Do Hyun respectively).

Prime Minister and I

In the pictures, mischievous maknae Lee Do Hyun appears to be treating YoonA as his toy, very naturally climbing on her back for a horse ride. YoonA appears to have been lost in thought, surprised when Lee Do Hyun approaches her.

On seeing YoonA’s efforts to become their mother, the two older kids appear slightly more apprehensive. Middle daughter Jeon Min Seo has her arms crossed, while eldest Choi Soo Han doesn’t quite care for his new mother either. It looks like despite winning over the youngest child, YoonA will face an uphill battle playing the new mother and wife.

According to the production company of “Prime Minister and I,” “Mommy YoonA and maknae Lee Do Hyun are real-life best friends on set and exhibit perfect teamwork with one another. Their marriage life may have started as a fake romance, but YoonA will show her best effort to become a real mother to these three kids. It will be funny but not take things too lightly. Please give a lot of attention and love to YoonA and the three kids’ project to become one family.”

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