ZE:A’s Im Siwan Almost Got Mistaken as Carrying Drugs at Airport

ZE:A‘s Im Siwan recounted a heart-thumping moment at the airport.

On December 17, Im Siwan attended the press conference for the new “Law of the Jungle” season. He said, “I went to the jungle with the second group. The first group that went beforehand gave me a mission. Ye Ji Won, who was in the first group, asked me to bring yeast.”

Im Siwan continued, “After I arrived, the airport security was checking my luggage but I didn’t know how to say ‘yeast’ in English. So it was mistaken for something else.”

He added, “Almost being mistaken as having drugs was painful at the moment but it’s a good memory now.”

Ye Ji Won commented, “I suggested that we make rice wine at the jungle. People seemed to like the idea and Im Won Hee, especially, seemed to be pleased. So I asked Im Siwan for yeast.”

Meanwhile, the new season of “Law of the Jungle” is the eleventh journey for Kim Byung Man and others to Micronesia. The other cast members include Park Jung Chul, Ryu Dam, Oh Jong Hyuk, Im Won Hee, Ye Ji Won, Im Siwan, and EXO‘s Chanyeol.

The first episode will air on December 20.