Wassup Parties It Up for the Holidays in “La Pam Pam Pa” MV

On December 17, Mafia Records uploaded the music video of Wassup‘s version of a fun holiday song, “La Pam Pam Pa” on Youtube.

“La Pam Pam Pa” is a fun, holiday party song for those who are sick of the same Christmas songs that are released every year. Instead of singing about love during the holidays, Wassup calls everyone out to party with a festive cheer!

“La Pam Pam Pa” is a one-shot music video that shows the Wa$$up girls dressed cutely and having fun in a club with their friends. 

Watch Wassup’s “La Pam Pam Pa” below and don’t forget to check out Wa$$up’s other videos including their debut single and their summer single “Hotter Than a Summer.”

Soompiers, what do you think of Wassup’s style of a Christmas song?