Sistar’s Soyu: “I Earned a Hair Stylist License In Case I Failed in Singing”

Sistar’s Soyu has proven that not only is she talented in singing, but also talented in hair styling!

On the December 18 episode of JTBC’s “Amazing Marriage,” the singer showed her abilities as a hairdresser by styling her mother-in-law’s hair. Instead of showing inexperience, the singer conveyed an experience in hair styling techniques.

In regards to her hair styling ability, Soyu stated, “I wanted to be a singer when I was younger, but because of the competitive nature of the music industry, I earned my hair stylist license in case I failed at singing, so that I could eat and live.” Soyu also revealed that she had earned her license during her second year of middle school.

Surprising, Soyu was able to satisfy her mother-in-law’s, veteran singer Jung Hoon Hee’s, hair preference, despite her mother-in-law’s initial doubts. In the end, the Jung Hoon Hee asked Soyu, “Can’t you be my real daughter-in-law?” showing how successful Soyu was in stylizing the veteran singer’s hair.

Although we would all be excited to see Soyu showcase her hair styling skills, we can rest assured with the success of Sistar that Soyu does not have to worry about resorting to becoming a hairdresser to survive.

JTBC’s “Amazing Marriage” airs on Wednesday at 11PM (KST).