Eun Ji Won: Sechs Kies Became Very Picky When We Became Popular

Former Sechs Kies leader Eun Ji Won shared about how the members of his former group became very picky eaters after becoming popular.

On the December 17 episode of QTV’s “20th Century Boys,” MC Eun Ji Won revealed the past episodes of his former group Sechs Kies when junior group Vixx asked how to go about, “When we choose our food menu.”

The veteran singer said, “I’m getting annoyed again. When Sechs Kies ordered hamburgers, we all wanted different brands.”  In response, Vixx’s Leo stated, “For us, we choose from one menu. To reduce time, we agree to 2 to 3 different meals.”

sechs kies

Upon hearing Vixx’s methods of deciding the group’s food menu, Eun Ji Won expressed, “At first we did that too. But, as these guys started to become popular, their mouths became picky. Once, member Jae Jin was eating Bi Bim Bap, and I wanted one bite. So I stole one bite of his food, and he ended up throwing it away. I also threw my soup away.”

Eun Ji Won’s episodes regarding Sechs Kies and the group’s food choices caused everyone in the studio to laugh. Although many years have passed after Sechs Kies had disbanded, the memories seem to still remain fresh upon the other members. 

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