Intimate Concert of Hip Hop Duo Bumkey and Verbal Jint Released on Youtube

R&B singer Bumkey and rapper Verbal Jint have released a video of their intimate concert titled “WONDER LIVE : BUMKEY & VERBAL JINT.”

In the concert, the duo does their first live performance of “Only for You” which will be featured on DEUX 20th Anniversary Tribute Album, and the performance of the song begins at 22:50. The remake is Lee Hyun Do’s (from DEUX) first attempt at composing a song. The original “Only for You” by DEUX  is a jazzy and soulful ballad. The concert includes three more performances and talk sessions with the audience.

Here is the original “Only for You” performed by Deux.

Artists have recently been doing remakes of hip hop duo DEUX’s greatest hits to celebrate their 20 year influence on the Korea music scene. “Only for You” is the sixth remake that has been released thus far. Girl’s Day member Sojin was the first artist to do a remake for the legendary hip hop duo.