“Reply 1994” Jung Woo Displays His Amiable Charm for Elle Magazine

On December 18, fashion magazine, Elle Korea, gave a sneak peak of its pictorial and interview with actor Jung Woo.

In the photos, Jung Woo displayed a child-like innocence in his poses and attracted attention by pulling off a variety of different looks.

At the scene of the photo shoot, Jung Woo conducted a real time chat on Elle’s twitter account. One of the questions he was asked was, “You earned a new nickname of ‘handsome bones.’ How do you feel about it? Jung Woo demonstrated his wit and said he is grateful that fans love even his bone structure.

A staff member on set of the shoot who conducted the live chat revealed there were tweets being sent until 3 AM; thus, being able witness Jung Woo’s popularity.

During the interview, Jung Woo expressed his affection towards his character, Trash, on tvN’s “Reply 1994.” He described Trash’s easygoing personality along with his image of being a genius medical student is his charm. He added, “It’s been fun adding my own color to this charming character, and I am especially grateful to be receiving so much love from this role.”

Jung Woo’s pictorial and interview will be featured in the January 2014 issue of Elle Korea.

Elle Korea

Elle Korea