Kim Woo Bin and Park Shin Hye Reveal Story Behind Intense Hug During Dinner Party

Park Shin Hye revealed the story behind her hug with Kim Woo Bin that was captured on camera during a dinner party.

In “The Heirs,” which ended on December 12, Kim Woo Bin played Choi Young Do, a bad boy who finally experiences his first love with Park Shin Hye’s character, Cha Eun Sang. However, Eun Sang’s heart belonged to Kim Tan (played by Lee Min Ho) and Young Do’s story of his first love turned out to be a sad one.

However, a video clip of Kim Woo Bin strongly hugging Park Shin Hye delightfully surprised netizens and fans, who wished for Young Do and Eun Sang’s love to come true. Recently, Park Shin Hye and Kim Woo Bin both revealed the story behind that hug during their interviews.

Kim Woo Bin revealed, “At the time, the atmosphere was rising and I got hyped up as well. It wasn’t a hug that I initiated but the overall atmosphere was just so fun. The actors had a cake cutting session and Choi Won Young senior even made Tan and Eun Sang hug beforehand. Everyone was having a good time.”

He continued, “Then Choi Won Young said, ‘Since Young Do’s love couldn’t come true in the drama, he needs to at least make it come true here,’ as he made us hug. I couldn’t make the atmosphere come down and it wasn’t a situation where I could give her just a slight hug,” which explains why Kim Woo Bin gave such an intense hug!

Park Shin Hye also explained the situation. She said, “I didn’t only hug Kim Woo Bin. I also hugged Lee Min Ho and there should be a video clip of that too. Since I hugged Min Ho oppa, everyone wanted Young Do to hug me since he couldn’t end up with Eun Sang in the drama.” She continued, “But then Kim Woo Bin started to step back. I wondered why he was doing that but all of a sudden, he ran to me and pulled me to him. I was so shocked,” as she laughed.

Furthermore, the story of how Kim Woo Bin (born in 1989) and Park Shin Hye (a “fast” 1990-er) got to be friends.

Kim Woo Bin revealed, “I actually don’t make friends with 1990-ers. So Shin Hye told me to call her ‘sunbae’ (senior). So I agreed to be friends with her and thank goodness we decided to be friends because I was able to act very comfortably because of that. It became easier to act as I looked into her eyes. Also, since she’s been acting for 10 years, I have a lot to learn from her.”

After hearing his side of the story, Park Shin Hye laughed and said, “Did he really say that? Actually, a close friend of mine works in the beauty industry. Woo Bin knows that friend too and that friend is the one who told Woo Bin about me.”

She continued, “But when he heard that I was a fast 1990-er, I heard he said, ‘How can I be friends with a 1990-er?’ So then I told my friend, ‘Well, if he doesn’t want to be friends then tell him to call me sunbae,’ as a joke. Then Woo Bin agreed to be friends right away,” with a laugh.

Age is an important social factor in Korea. If are born in the same year, you are considered as “friends.” However, there are those with “fast” birthdays. If you are born in January, February or even March, you are considered to have a “fast” birthday and are placed in the same age group as the previous year. This has to do with the fact that Korean schools start the new semester in March.

Check out the hugging clip below!

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