Rapper Double K Doesn’t Want to Be Compared to That “Nom” (Single MV Teaser)

Rapper Double K has released a teaser for his upcoming single “Nom.” Nom is a Korean word which means “guy” and often carries a negative connotation.

In the teaser, we see Double K dressed in black wearing dark shades. The rapper looks like he’s thinking about a serious issue while he stands in the middle of the desert alone. This could be a signal that his upcoming single will be about heartbreak. We also hear Double K’s autotuned voice saying, “Don’t compare me to that ‘Nom.'” The song seems to be slow paced and includes the classical sounds of a piano.

Double K is also known as Killa Korean and is apart of “The Movement Crew” with fellow rappers Dok2, Bizzy, Drunken Tiger, and etc. He debuted in 2004 with the album “Positive Mind.